Bank "Grant", a modern financial institution that offers a full range of banking services appropriate to the level of the world's leading banking institutions. For more than a quarter century of work in the financial market of Ukraine, "Grant" Bank has proved itself in every respect as a reliable financial partner.

 The first thing that we guarantee our clients - is the stability and transparency in relations with the bank. Stable operation of the bank due to conservative leadership policies and an open, clear ownership structure. We're not looking for an increase in the number of clients at any cost, so all the financial programs of the bank are carefully analyzed and validated, and it is a guarantee of stable operation. Modern Ukraine survived more than one financial crisis and Bank "Grant" with honor has gone through all these tests. Sometimes it was very difficult, but even at the expense of self-interest the bank has always been honest with regard to its partners and customers. Through long and hard work the bank can now say with confidence that we are proud of our clients, we appreciate and deeply respect each of you, those with Bank Grant for many years, and those who only became our client and hopefully will remain with us for many years. Grant Bank scrambles to follow the classical principles of international banking. We are here for our customers and partners to secure financial homefront, which will never fail and which can always be relied on, the foundation of your success. Our principles could not be better reflected in the short, but capacious phrase, slogan of the bank:  BANK "GRANT" - A RELIABLE BANK FOR SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE! Yes, we help people achieve success and we are proud of it!